Zooroom Photography

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This web site is all about my landscape pictures and my means of transportation to the places where I take these pictures …namely my Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Since JavaScript provides the navigation and display of these galleries the decision was made to use JavaScript and CSS to write all pages in the web site.

If you will enable JavaScript in your browser this site will present . . .

  • Landscape images taken for the sole purpose of pleasing the eye
  • Motorcycle images taken for the sole purpose of showing off my bikes
  • A Blog of sorts presenting my thoughts on photography and motorcycles
  • This is a site I designed myself, to please my own sense of aesthetics and to make my work available to others.

    Nothing on this site is available for purchase. There are no advertisements or other efforts to drive business to some retailer.

    This site uses HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to make navigation and image gallery presentation a pleasant experience.

    So, if you are interested in landscape photography, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, my efforts to create great landscape images, knock a couple of motorcycles into my kind of shape or my comments on these activities please enable JavaScript and enjoy this site.

    All images and copy on this web site are the property of the owner, Mark E Alsop, and are copyright protected.